Why We Use & Recommend the Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress

The Genesis Theme Framework is a powerful tool for WordPress development. Learn why we both use and recommend it for the majority of our WP projects.

The Genesis Theme Framework by StudioPress has long been a recommended part of our WordPress development toolkit. One of the key reasons is that Genesis abstracts a lot of core functionality required to link WordPress to a theme from the key design aspects that most people expect. Read on to learn more…

Genesis Framework

What is the Genesis Framework?

Genesis is a Theme for WordPress that follows a Parent > Child hierarchy design framework. Essentially this means that Genesis abstracts a lot of core functionality required to link WordPress to a theme from the key design aspects that most people expect when looking for a custom layout.

Genesis does this by delivering premium search engine optimisation and security aspects via the core Genesis Theme, allowing us to create truly custom Genesis Child Themes which inherit properties of the parent theme whilst customising the more visual aspects quickly and in a more cost effective manor than building an entire theme from scratch.

How The Genesis Theme Works

The layer of abstraction means that the core parent Genesis Theme will always have been audited by professionals for speed, security and search engine optimisation and can safely be updated over multiple versions of WordPress with little to no effect on your design. And building your design into a custom Child Theme allows us to completely customise your website appearance whilst safe in the knowledge that your site is structured appropriately, safe from hackers, and built from an optimised code base.

“You could radically change the look of your site every week if you wanted to, and you’d never hurt your search engine rankings … because your design functions are kept completely separate from the core code.”


Where to Get Genesis Child Themes

There are over 63 Genesis Child Themes available directly from Studiopress.com and countless others online if you are looking for an off-the-shelf design without hiring a developer. They are generally built to take advantage of the latest HTML5 features with accessibility, cross-browser compatibility and mobile optimisation in mind.

Customised Genesis Child Themes

The real benefit of Genesis reveals itself when you go for something that is truly yours. When hiring us to create a site for you we can use any of the existing child themes as a base to customise for your needs, or we can build a child theme from scratch in coordination with a graphic designer to ensure something truly unique to showcase your brand online. 

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