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We have the power to do good through business and as a business I pledge to donate a percentage of our annual profits to good causes in and around New Zealand as well as pro-bono work for community projects.


One Percent Collective

One Percent Collective

The first cause we have elected to support financially is the One Percent Collective. Through this initiative individuals and organisations pledge to donate one percent of their income to charitable causes. Donations are spread over several different projects in and around New Zealand.

Current One Percent Collective Projects Include

  • Bellyful – Provides free meals for families with newborn babies, and families with young children who are struggling with illness, particularly those without a support network.
  • DCM – Works with people in Wellington who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Over the past decade they have supported hundreds of people to become housed and sustain housing.
  • Garden to Table – Builds life skills through practical, hands on classes. A comprehensive food education programme, children learn how to grow and cook fresh food while developing their environmental awareness.
  • Inspiring Stories – Building a movement of young New Zealanders who can, and will change the world. You can be part of it.
  • Kaibosh – Wellington Region based charity that collects quality surplus food and provides it to community groups that support people in need.
  • The Neonatal Trust
  • Ngā Rangatahi Toa – Aims to inspire young people once labelled as ‘trouble-makers’ to confidently build a brighter future through intensive creative arts mentoring, mindfulness & yoga, and wrap-around whanau support.
  • Spinning Top – Gives balance to vulnerable children living in poverty, whose lives have been thrown off balance through war, oppression, natural disaster and other circumstances beyond their control.
  • Sustainable Coastlines – Enables people to look after the places we love, by coordinating and supporting large-scale coastal clean-up and waterway restoration events, education programmes and public awareness campaigns.
  • Take My Hands – Connects those that have with those that have a need, by rehoming usable medical equipment from NZ to those working with people in need in the Asia Pacific region.
  • UpsideDowns – Education Trust that helps kids with Down syndrome learn to talk, read and write by funding speech language therapy.




Mixed Media Marketing is primarily run and managed by Daniel McClure who is an individual member and supporter of InternetNZ. Their stated aim is to protect and promote an open and uncaptureable Internet for New Zealand that drives social and economic development and benefits the wider community.

Pro-Bono Work

Catalyst Trust

Catalyst Trust

The Catalyst Trust is committed to bringing; great ideas, compelling speakers, innovative and often provocative thinking and creativity to the Wakatipu basin. Daniel McClure (founder of Mixed Media Marketing) provides ongoing website and marketing support.

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If you are legitimate charity or community organisation working in New Zealand then feel free to reach out. We may not always be able to support you but appreciate the opportunity to connect with interesting organisations and individuals around the country.

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